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Oversee your daily business operations with our all-in-one solution, covering everything from office task management to vehicle tracking.

Job Suite

Job Suite.

Looking for an effortless flow of job documentation? The job suite offer a seamless and fluid operation from office to technician and back again. Keep up to date of all elements of a job with real-time updates, photos, messages, accommodation, stock and budgets.

Staff Performance

Staff Performance.

Keeping an effective workforce motivated can be challenging. Our performance indicator helps you identify areas where they can improve their performance. These can be monitored and updated whilst linked directly to appraisals.



Allow your staff to log their hours they work. Monitor their hours and approve or reject logged work hours as required. Convert the timesheet to pdf and forward to your payroll department. Approve or disapprove submitted holiday requests and track employee sick leave.

Asset Suite

Asset Suite.

Service intervals on all internal and external assets are managed through the asset suite. This feature will allow you to monitor vehicle fleets, machinery or mechanical assets and all of your stock materials. Each element is separated, easy to navigate and will accept logs, issues and repair requests.


Send Quotes & Invoices.

Effortless data input! Add services, products, or materials with costs to your quotes. Create invoices, download and email them to customers. Keep all quotes and invoices organized under contacts for easy reference.

Employment Suite

Employee Suite.

Efficient employee management! Monitor performance, conduct, appraisals, schedules, time sheets, training, and more. Simplify your HR needs in a single, comprehensive solution.


Timeline Planner.

Perfect for schedules, planning, and staying organized! Coordinate meetings, track tasks, manage annual leave, plan events, and oversee projects effortlessly with our timeline functionality

Contact Suite

Contact Suite.

Stay on top of your contacts and clients with extensive data on deals, sales, locations, sites, call to actions, and logs. This CRM empowers you with total control over your business operations, ensuring you never miss a deal or meeting.



The central hub to access all the features, align your timeline with all your tasks and projects, see your pending and current jobs, edit your profile and clock in or out of the time sheets.

Task & Project Manager

Task & Project Manager.

Track each element of a project no matter how big or small. Create boards, groups, tasks and to do’s. Schedule your projects and monitor each element in real-time, giving you accurate progress of your project.



Organise your work schedules, events, jobs, meetings into different calendars. Assign calendars to other managers, team members, workers enabling viewing privacy and structure.

Annual leave and sick leave can also have their own calendar helping to view and organise time off.

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Customer information on any device, anywhere at any time.

work management with our user-friendly business platform. Experience seamless coordination and organization through a centralized hub

Designed for versatility: Intrflex empowers every level of your organization

Unbelievably user-friendly yet incredibly powerful, this tool will consistently empower your business to achieve outstanding results.

Get Closer to Your Customers: Discover What They Need, When They Need It

Streamline job management effortlessly! Consolidate detailed job information, employee messages, uploaded files, photos, and invoices, ensuring every aspect of the job is recorded and linked to the respective customer or client location.

Capture limitless job information

Effortlessly streamline your business activities with Intrflex, the comprehensive job management solution.

  • Track, document, and organize tasks and jobs with ease, gaining invaluable insights for informed decision-making.
  • Seamlessly communicate and collaborate in real-time across your entire organization using our integrated messaging system.
  • Leave no detail overlooked with our file management feature, managing uploaded files, photos, and invoices associated with each job.
  • Access and update information from any device with our fully responsive and intuitive system.
  • Experience streamlined operations, increased productivity, and a holistic view of your business relationships.
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Unify your team

Consolidate all your business activities in a single space, empowering your teams with greater control and productivity. With Intrflex, your team members can effortlessly manage their daily tasks, jobs, and ongoing projects, fostering an environment where everyone can reach their goals effectively.

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