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Keep everything on one page with your employees


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Annual Leave

Request annual leave at anytime ready for approval


Keep track of employees progress, skills and performance


Upload to their profile - contracts, company handbooks etc


Dialogue your employees development

Keep updates on positive and negative performance markers, invaluable records when approaching appraisals.

Set date specific markers

Probation periods, training goals or any progress points that needs to be documented.


As companies evolve and expand, the organisational structure often becomes more complex. Initially, small businesses will operate efficiently with just a few departments. However, as businesses grow, the need for additional departments becomes necessary to manage the increased scale and scope of operations effectively.


Accurate timesheets from your staff

Reliable clocking data from your employees that feeds directly through to their timesheets.

  • Salary calculated
  • Overtime rates applied
  • Annual leave accounted
GPS radius enabled

No false clocking, jobs radius checked from location address.

Manual adjustments

Approve hours and manually adjust for punctuality and bonuses.

Effortless Payroll

Creation of easy to follow pdf documents that can be pushed to payroll.

Cost Management

No surprises from staff hours, keep your labour under control.

Monitor performance

Effortlessly track and manage employee conduct. Log positive and negative incidents, attribute rewards and warnings based on performance. Promote a positive work environment, foster accountability, and make informed decisions. Experience streamlined employee management today."


"Efficiently structure your company and align employees to their respective departments based on roles and expertise. Streamline communication, optimize workflow, and promote teamwork. Experience the power of our employee management system today.


Efficiently track employee attendance with our clock-in and clock-out feature. Timestamped and location-mapped data provides accurate records. Easily amend and authorize data before processing payroll for seamless payment."


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