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Create and import infinite contacts on your profile, give permissions to assigned staff to manage specific contacts. Key data on your customers enables clearer conversations, greater service provision and superior relationships. Keep that dialogue with all your contacts never missing a business opportunity again
The contact suite allows a smooth flow of data that can be organised and filtered for quick and easy access. Upload files, notes, quotes, locations and documents to your contact information and maintain that customer relationship overview.
Ensure that those meetings and appointments are not missed using the calendar function in your contact. Send invites to your contact setting up a meeting location, time and itinerary.
Integrate your email with the contact suite, effortlessly tracking email conversations with your contacts.
Each contact holds a unique bcc email address, when you email directly from Intrflex through your mail client it keeps a record of all your email trials.
Attach your contacts to locations along with followers and tags. A location will also receive a unique bcc email to keep track of works, service records and a historical data.
An organiser, database and record of all your business activities. Intrflex will maintain your relationships and help them grow into healthy, efficient business transactions.

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