Customer interactions create stronger business relationships

Keeping contacts and important data at your fingertips at all times. Customer information for when you need it most.


Driven by client satisfaction

Enhance your business management capabilities, improve customer experience and foster long term relationships.

  • High Customer Satisfaction
  • Support your clients efficiently
  • Maintain communication interactions
Contact Information

Your company address book. Phone numbers, meetings, company organisation, unique bcc


Create your clients key information - assign contacts and locations for fast referencing.


Update work locations, service records, all job & work order information linked to the location for quick history reference

Files & Docs

Upload key files and documents for both locations and contacts. Easily accessible to share with employees or clients


Grow your customer base

  • Easy to navigate customer dashboard
  • Effortless upload of contacts
  • Mobile friendly - communicate from anywhere
  • Never miss that opportunity

Drive more sales through great customer service

Align quotes, deals and sales with awesome efficiency

Quote Templates

Deliver your customer their quote with speed, create quote templates in intrflex

Deal Maker

Deal pipelines keep a running line between you and your customer, never miss that sale again

Transform your productivity

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