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Make your daily activities more streamlined. Track works and jobs via your contacts and locations, keep records of works should they be raised again in the future. Assign remote staff to jobs, request updates, photo uploads of works in progress - keeping a handle of jobs in one area ensuring nothing gets missed.. Jobs can be planned effortlessly on the timeline when assigned to a calendar. Control projects with multiple jobs and align them in their own calendar or provisional status. Keep track of jobs by changing the status to determine what stage the works are. Jobs may require a pending status, on hold (another visit once parts are available) or a completed once all works have been finished. A complete tool for job management.


Collating all your job information.

Assign specific users

Align staff with jobs allowing them to understand their workload each day, week and month.

Unique references

Designate codes to jobs for easy reference or simply input a client’s work order number

File uploads, notes and documents

Facilitate important documents to be shared for all assigned users, incredibly useful for remote or mobile workers.

Input date ranges

Apply time schedules to jobs, these can span multiple days or be time sensitive within a working shift.

Is job suite just for trades or contractors?

Not really. Any project that requires tracking and monitoring can use job suite. It doesn’t have to be limited to service providers. Facility management, designers, architects, marketing agencies, cleaning companies could utilise the system. Contractors large or small generally have to collate and log job information, that may be for their records or to send to clients detailing what has been done. It is a general business requirement for service providers to look at the costings of jobs with materials, labour, plant etc. Manage and track job images with photo uploads, easily viewed and edited within the gallery. Once uploaded all images are time and date stamped. Trades to benefit from using job suite will have employees that travel to jobs such as plumbers, electricians, builders, floor layers, landscapers, window fitters, roofers to name a few. With a focus on teams working remotely, accommodation details can be assigned to jobs so they can navigate to their arranged place of rest. All accommodation details are stored and rated should it be needed in the future.