Business Start Ups

What are the biggest challenges that we face when starting a business?

The early questions of having an idea of what you’re going to offer, how you will get it to market, and how to retain customers for repeat business? To managing an existing business that is starting to grow and develop.

So many businesses take time to build, develop relationships, access a supply chain and start turning a profit. This can be a journey with many ups and downs that are exciting, daunting and sometimes lonely or frustrating. An emotional rollercoaster of your own destiny!

At Intrflex, we won’t make lavish claims that we’ll take away all the problems that are inherited with running a business, however what we will make sure for you is that it’s easier to manage your business from one platform.

Our own experience of running successful businesses in different sectors we understand the importance of keeping a tight ship that is well oiled and runs smoothly. This can be the difference between missing an opportunity or securing a sale and no one wants to miss that one opportunity that could be the next big earner.

What we can offer you as a business start up is simple. 50% off our system when you sign up. We understand as a new business you need to watch the pennies and we want to help you be efficient, save time and let the pounds look after themselves, that is why we have discounted our software for startup businesses.


As a start up you will have access to software that will help you manage your business effectively, track work orders , stock, orders, accounts, payments, invoices, contacts CRM , sales, employees (if you have any yet), task management plus loads more cool features to keep you aligned and focussed.

If you want more details and wish to have a conversation with one of us at Intrflex, drop us a message or email and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

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Starting a business can be really exciting but also a little daunting at the same time. Intrflex can help your business journey be more streamlined and productive.

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