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Manage all your deals in one area.

Create a deal, attach it to a contact, upload notes, files, emails and invoices.
Track specific deals via email - each deal has a unique bcc email address that can filter all correspondence with that deal.
Organise meetings from a deal including contacts and email requests, suggest dates, times and locations.

Close deals with your team and convert them faster.

Keep all your team members up to date with the progress and activities on that current deal.
Notes, emails, files, invoices are all viewable and monitored in one space.

Control your sales and their teams to success.

Set targets for each step of your businesses sales structure. Empower your teams to succeed.

Customise your sales pipeline for each sales process you have, apply discounts, add products and convert your customers.

Each deal has a full dashboard to monitor the progess of that sale, keep track of notes made, meetings, files and emails with it's unique bcc ID.

Provide customers with custom branded quotations, break down costs, services, discounts and tax. All quotes are securely stored and available through the sales suite.

All quotes and invoices are available on a deal or through a contact and location.

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