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Control your sales and your marketing teams to success

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Create targets for each of your sales teams


Each deal has its own overview to monitor progress


Control the pipeline and adjust as the deal matures


Complete the deal and send the invoice to your client

Manage all your deals in one area.

Ditch the guesswork. Keep reps sharp & pipelines hot.

Create a deal, attach it to a contact, upload notes, files, emails and invoices.
Track specific deals via email - each deal has a unique bcc email address that can filter all correspondence with that deal.
Organise meetings from a deal including contacts and email requests, suggest dates, times and locations.

Successful businesses understand the importance of not only knowing their projected revenue but also having the right tools to achieve and surpass these goals. Guide your revenue stream to greater heights with Intrflex, you can optimise every aspect of your sales process: from deals to generating and tracking professional quotes towards final invoice delivery. Manage your customer relationships with our integrated CRM, whilst ensuring excellent service delivery through efficient job scheduling and work order management. Sales management tools

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Top features
  • Align Sales
  • Keep staff updated on progress
  • Customise your sales pipeline
  • Hit your targets
Customer Deal

Set the deal in your pipeline for your customer, as you negotiate terms and conditions you’ll adjust the deal as required

Create Quotes

Input your quote information and provide your customer with beautiful company customised quotations, all kept under your customers deal for quick reference

Provide invoice

Finalise the deal! With quote accepted and the customer happy, yo can change the quote to an invoice and forward for payment

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