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How can businesses use technology to overcome challenges and become more efficient? 

That’s the topic of this blog and it’s one that affects every business, whatever its size. 

We all know that digital transformation has improved the workplace in many ways. The advent of cloud computing has meant that we can now access powerful software and process vast quantities of data without needing to download a single product. We can even pay on a ‘per-use’ basis, slashing capital expenditure while retaining the ability to scale compute resources when needed.

Many employees can now log in to corporate systems from remote locations using mobile devices, speeding up workflows. Reduced time and cost means companies can reach their goals quicker while enjoying better ROI and increased revenue.

Here are some of the many types of digital technology that are improving efficiency across industries:

Organisational tools

Organisational tools such as calendars and task managers have become a staple technology for businesses of all shapes and sizes. These are perfectly suited to a cloud environment where employees and managers can check their schedules and task lists from any device or location.

Collaboration technology

Collaboration technologies range from cloud-based email and internal messenger systems to video call and web conferencing platforms. As we all know, these technologies have come into their own during the COVID-19 lockdown, keeping teams in regular contact.

Storage and backup solutions

Data storage and backup is something that is easy to take for granted. Bulky and expensive hardware-based systems have thankfully been replaced by low-cost cloud-based storage with almost limitless capacity. Rather than pay in advance for spare capacity, business owners can now simply bump up their package when needed. It might only cost a couple of pounds extra a month to double storage capacity! A good backup system will replicate data in multiple locations as a protection against damage or loss. 

CRM platforms

CRM platforms are often the digital beating heart of a modern business, connecting customers and different departments together to provide a seamless, consistent customer experience. CRM software is often integrated with email marketing, lead generation and customer support.

Project management

Project management software helps teams to keep their projects on track, meeting milestones, staying within budget and keeping customers updated. You may not need a project manager now but as your business scales, you will almost certainly want to look into investing in one.

Accounts and billing software

A decent accounting system is vital, especially as a business grows. Recording transactions, issuing quotes and invoices and tracking time sheets can often be combined in a single piece of software.

Stock and asset management

If you deal in a lot of stock, you will know that keeping enough product in inventory to satisfy demand without overstocking is an ongoing challenge. Stock management software can help make you a leaner operation. Asset management solutions include fleet and machinery management. Again, these technologies become more critical as a business grows.

Artificial intelligence

And then we have AI. Rather than being a technology in its own right, artificial intelligence is often used to extend the scope of the above technologies, automating them or providing smart assistance.

So how can you choose the right software solution from all of these categories?

One of the main challenges for smaller businesses is the need to make the best use of limited resources. While it is never ideal to have to row back from a system upgrade, larger companies can usually afford to make a few mistakes.

That’s why you should invest plenty of time in research and never feel pressured into making a purchase. Most vendors will offer a free trial to give you the chance to assess product fit.

Another challenge is in combining multiple technologies together in a single system. With too many standalone products, team members are left to switch between different systems which leads to wasted time and the risk of losing data. In today’s fast-paced, competitive marketplace, this can make the difference between success and failure.

Some businesses invest in expensive business platforms and end up with high operational costs and a bloated system packed with features they don’t need at that stage of their development.

That’s where the model Intrflex uses comes into its own. As business owners ourselves, we know which core digital services are needed in most industries. We offer these as part of a budget-friendly platform which can then be extended with additional features as and when necessary.

Intrflex services are functional, easy to use and applicable across many different industry sectors. Our platform is used by trades, contractors, facility managers, service providers, manufacturers and more.

Sign up for our free trial and see for yourself how the right technology can transform your business.

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