Life on Lockdown

I don’t think anyone could’ve imagined that COVID-19 would have affected so many people and businesses over the last month. So how are staff at intrflex managing their time and resource to keep moving forward as a business? Well, we have found that regular conversation and video calls helps to inspire content and features that would like to develop and release. These are kept short to increase focus and prevent lapse in concentration. Future planning is featuring also, we all want to stay in business and ensure that when business starts to resume we’re ready to work to a plan!

It isn’t all work though we have also found that it is important to mix leisure time with work time. Having more of a work life balance, I believe will become a large part of society not just in the UK but further afield. We have found that you can be as productive if not more productive with balancing your leisure and work time and not being too stressed about fixed working hours.

The majority of us are all in the same predicament as no one has had to endure this sort of situation before, so it’s about finding what works for you.

Here are some top tips that intrflex have found useful during this lockdown and social distancing measures.

Top Tips

  1. Keep a regular structure to your day i.e. get up at a sensible hour and don’t stay up too late.
  2. Get enough sleep.
  3. Do some daily exercise, stretching or meditation.
  4. Get in one walk a day.
  5. Take regular breaks and immerse yourself in something other than work.
  6. Break up your time with work schedules and keep them as short bursts. Maybe do some work in the morning have a break do a bit of work in the afternoon and maybe do some in the evening.
  7. If you feel stressed, stop! Go find something else to do.
  8. Listen to music.
  9. Eat fruit.
  10. Speak to team members regularly.

We hope you stay safe, keep sane and get through this lockdown. We’ll see you on the other side!

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