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Can work order software make jobs more efficient?

Absolutely it will. Any method of collecting job information and using it as an overview will provide valuable data, as any manager will know this enables insights into variables that can save budgets and costs.

Real-time information feeds not only reduce errors in service delivery but also it provides a timeline history and record of what has happened on that particular job. It has enormous plus points for both the mobile engineer and the management team that are overseeing potentially hundreds of work orders at a time.

A well structured work order system will save a business thousands of pounds in administrative duties as a great deal of automation is in place, it may only need one admin person to overview and update work orders on a daily basis.

Why not use paper job sheets?

This is so 1990’s. The power of data and the software to control it not only facilitates more job volume but it also reduces the failure of data entry and data retention. Imagine having thirty mobile engineers that each have twelve jobs to complete a day, that would be a lot of filing cabinets to retain that job information.

What features should work order software have?

A good work order system will give you the ability to upload and view files specific to those jobs, it may be site plans, product information, access details, health and safety documents or a job specification. You should be able to update the job with notes or messages that provide updates to management  as to what works have actually been completed. Photo uploads are an absolute must, a picture tells a thousand words! Status updates give clarity to the stage of each job, this could be completed, in progress, waiting for parts or incomplete. 

Communication is paramount between staff and teams, a job system enables the flow of information to travel freely between team members creating trust and security that job information is always to hand. 

Why not try Job Suite and see how it can streamline your jobs.

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