How much easier would life and business be if things were simpler?

Well, in 2020 it’s down to how simple YOU want to make your life and business. There is so much choice these days in everything we do, buy, use, that making the right decision in these ancillary items will surely simplify your world.

If cost were no issue, I’m sure we’d all have automated systems to manage all of our processes from arranging diaries, meetings, social media, sending parcels, designing websites, constructing buildings and so on (you get the picture).

The concern for many and echoing the thoughts of others is “Is this where AI is going?!” and will we be needed at the end of it all? Personally, I think there is a balance where the two can work in harmony. We should be able to harness the power of AI in a positive way to improve our lives without making things redundant. Surely this would be progress?

For me, there is no substitute for the human element, this is how we interact, the personal touch makes all the difference. I find a simple “Hi how are you” creates an engagement that is personal. Why can’t life be that simple both on screen and off screen?

It is always interesting to watch behaviour patterns, how much people disengage from interaction on a personal level when they have been using a phone or a tablet. What if the on screen and off screen actually married up? wouldn’t that be a revelation!

In a growing world of screens we should not lose the simple approach, I do not mean that technical functions are reduced, these could be cloaked behind a simple interface that is engaging on a personal and team level.

The pace of life has increased for most people over the last 15 years as we expect things to be done quicker, delivered sooner, organised better and communicated more efficiently.

At intrflex we are striving for both a simple but powerful interface that delivers engagement, functionality but most importantly a user friendly tool that reduces stress of everyday work life. When the pace of life becomes too much and workloads are too great, just intrflex it!

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