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Educate your staff with a full stack knowledge base. Create a library of key documents and information to share across teams.

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Share articles with staff that are key to your business.

Make them editable with collaborators, drop pictures, video content into documents creating an engaging flow of information
Structure folders for articles to be placed and accessed.  Create training documents for employees.
Empower your employees with company specific knowledge.

Empower your employees with company specific knowledge

Create company specifications.

Make them visible for all your employees to view and download.

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Develop manuals for your company

Allow employees unlimited access to your company manuals.

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Protocol documentation.

Create procedures and protocols for staff to follow, add FAQs to your protocols to counter unforeseen situations

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Articles & Newsletters.

Keep your employees abreast of all the advancements, recent works and developments within your business.

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Provide an environment for employees to learn and grow.

Create, develop and thrive.

Encourage your staff to view, read and acknowledge key documents, articles and manuals in a user friendly environment. Have them sign these documents in acknowledgment that the have been read and understood. Create public URL’s that can be shared outside of your organisation for external sources and clients. Drive knowledge through the core of your business giving each department, team or individual the tools to expand their skill-set without having to email or arrange updates directly. Deliver visual representations through text documents, drop videos or pictures within to engage with your audience.

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